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The globally unified standard for power cord safety certification plays an important role in ensuring user safety and promoting trade circulation, and has had the following impacts:

1. Protection of user safety: The power cord is a key component that transmits electricity to the device. If not certified by safety regulations, there may be safety risks such as electric shock and fire. The globally unified standards ensure that the design and manufacturing of power cords meet strict safety requirements, thereby protecting users from potential hazards.

2. Improving product quality: By developing unified safety certification standards, power cord manufacturers can be promoted to improve product quality. The unified standard requires manufacturers to follow a series of testing and verification procedures to ensure the reliability and durability of power cords during use.

3. Promote international trade: The globally unified safety certification standards eliminate technical barriers between different countries and regions, providing convenience for international trade of power cords. Manufacturers only need to pass one certification to sell their products in multiple markets, simplifying import and export procedures and costs.

4. Encourage innovation and competition: Global unified standards provide a fair competitive environment for various manufacturers. Develop unified safety certification standards to encourage manufacturers to innovate, promote technological progress, and continuously improve products.

5. Ensuring brand reputation: By complying with globally unified safety certification standards, enterprises can enhance their brand reputation. The certified power cord represents high quality and safety, which can increase consumers' trust and choice in the product.

In summary, the globally unified power cord safety certification standards have a significant impact on user safety, product quality, international trade, innovative competition, and brand reputation. The development and implementation of these standards will help establish a safer and more reliable power cord market.

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